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welcome to wecan-vn

Help everyone solve the problems and difficulties in life in the shortest time. Help professionals get more users who need to solve problems

Abount us

A variety of problems always be encounters in life , in order to help everyone solve these problems, so Wecan-VN was born!

Make it easier for users to search and contact nearby professionals who can help you solve problems, and also narrow the gap between users and businesses.

Wecan-VN also has an online mall, free calls, exclusive electronic business cards, and more interesting things to wait for you to discover!

Release demand

Timely release demand

Professionals respond quickly in 1 minute

Publishing service

Open a company account or a personal account

Publish skills to make money and get the corresponding business

service method

Select the service method according to user needs

Also, telephone consultation and video consultation are available.

Online mall

Staying indoors can conveniently purchase what you want.

Free call

Both of best friends can chat freely through Wecan-VN.

Electrical business card

Make electrical business cards for you to let more users or more partners discover you

Contact us

If you have any questions about Wecan-VN, please contact us!

Wecan-VN is a new product and there are still many shortcomings. The growth of products is inseparable from the attention and support of enthusiastic friends. I hope that you will raise your needs and suggestions, and we can provide better Wecan-VN



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